actiTape LTO® Single Drives

The actiTape single drive is an ideal backup solution for small to medium sized businesses. The LTO® technology makes it easy for users to standardize on a tape technology that meets today's data capacity requirements and ensures future growth potential. Providing high capacity data storage and low cost requirements where capacity growth potential matches the escalating data growth rates that businesses are facing today. The devices are available in both as an internal version, so the drive is mounted in the PC chassis, as well as external version.

Our devices are based on the proven reliable IBM technology which has more than 60 years of experience in tape industry.

actiTape Highlights

LTFS as special highlight in LTO®-5

LTFS (Linear Tape File System) allows the access to the LTO tape drive directly from the file manager of the operating system, so the tape can be accessed like a hard drive. LFTS drivers are available for Windows, MAC OS and Unix/Linux download on this page.