actiDisk vTanis RDX®

The actiDisk of multidrive RDX®; vTanis RDX® is actidata's first product offering designed to address the need for greater online storage availability of RDX® cartridge removable disk storage. It is ideally suited to customers in networked attached environments who desire to replace their older tape backup technologies or to implement new removable disk RDX® based library or iSCSI storage pool.

The actiDisk vTanis RDX® uses a high performance iSCSI based connection to facilitate network based access to any of its eight online RDX® media. It initially supports up to 6 GB per minute of read/write data throughput, up to 8 TB online storage capacity and it is compatible with with the leading vendors' backup software.

The actiDisk vTanis RDX® leverages the existing RDX removable cartridge and creates a new storage paradigm for this technology by allowing multiple RDX® cartridges to be located anywhere along the network and accessed by multiple hosts.

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